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*Please allow up to 5 working days to process personalization.
*Personalized item cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.
*Refer to product thumbnails for actual color(s) and position(s) of personalization.

Engraving is only available for the following product: 
  • Ribag Hobo and Ribag Hobo Mini
  • Basta 2 and Basta 2 Mini
  • Hanis, Cake Bag
  • Nik Bag Tag
  • Coley Bag Tag
  • Ribucket, Ribae, Ribucket Mini, Rimoon, Rifanny, Rinew, 
  • RR Bag, RR Bag 2 and RR Bag 3
  • Eswallet
Embossing is only available for the following products: 
  • Iconic Essentials range
    • (Esleeve, Esleeve 2, Eswrist, Escard, Escess, Espass, Espass 2, Escard S, Escard M, Escard L) 
  • Esmoon, Esmoon 2, Esmoon 2 Mini
  • Esatch S, M, L and XL 
  • Niko-Niko 2, Niko-Niko 2 Mini, Niko-Niko 2 Wee
  • Niko-Niko 2.1 and Niko-Niko 2.1 Mini 
  • Ribag, Ribag Mini, and Riclutch
  • Edie and Edie Mini
  • Lofarbag, Lofarbag Mini, Lofarbag 2, Lofarclutch
  • Nik and Nikki
  • Coley, Coley plus
  • Kita, Kita Mini, Kita Clutch
  • Ripurse

For pre-selected personalization colours (i.e gold, bronze) please refer to respective product page 


      • Please follow the instructions on the card provided with the purchase of your bag. 

      • A flat rate delivery fee of RM 7.00 will be automatically added to your checkout total as we will be sending the bag back to you via our courier partner. Alternatively, please select the 'Self Collect At Showroom' delivery option during your checkout which will be free of charge. 
      • Please ensure that you email the following details to : 
        - Personalization order number.
        - Tracking number once you have shipped the bag to us. 
        - Courier company name.

      • You may also opt to drop by our showroom at Oval Damansara within 7 days of receiving your bag to personalize it. Standard processing time of 5 working days apply.