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Malaysia / Brunei

“ We work with selected talents and fashion icons in the industry, focusing on practical solution driven ideas, production resources and creative assistance to produce designs that are meaningful. Designs that I believe are exclusive, and that people like you and I would like to own or be part of.”

Nicole W

Co-Founder & Product Specialist 

“ The people at Sometime By Asian Designers offer a compromise - quality handbags without the conventional markup.”

“ Their bags are designed to be practical yet classy, envisioned to suit an array of women including working women as well as students.”

“ Sometime discovers and endorses talented fashion designers and it is a very interesting venture in terms of working with Asian designers. It is basically style at affordable price point that comes with exclusivity.”

“ Gabungan kualiti, kepelbagaian dan gaya kunci utama dalam rekaan beg selain mementingkan ciri utama seperti permukaan dalaman yang luas, tali sandang boleh ditanggalkan serta pelbagai perincian lain.”

“ Bagi memberi ciri-ciri ekslusif, setiap koleksi beg Sometime adalah dikeluarkan secara terhad untuk memastikan pelanggan yang membelinya mempunyai kepuasan.”

“ Their handbags are usually produced in limited pieces - once it's sold out (which happens pretty fast), they try not to reproduce them most of the time to give their customers a sense of exclusivity in owning their bags.”